Brawl Occurs in Student Art Gallery

Several students were reportedly injured in a brawl yesterday at the Student Art Gallery.

“At first it was kind of surreal, like watching a bar fight in a movie,” said sophomore Emily Huang. “Then before I knew it people were fighting all around me. It was really scary.”

The fight broke out in a Hall B, which is currently dedicated to paintings. Witnesses claim that at its peak more than a dozen people were involved in the brawl, including students from an art appreciation class. A number of people caught up in the fight suffered relatively minor scrapes and bruises, but no hospitalizations were reported.

“Of course we treat this very seriously. The safety of our students is paramount,” said university spokesman Cameron Mantey. “Our security officers are still investigating the cause of this fight and will be holding the instigators responsible.”

Witnesses who were interviewed differed on the cause of the fight, although many claimed to have only fought in self-defense. Parts of the Student Art Gallery are monitored by security cameras, but the exhibit area in question is not. Mantey said that a security camera upgrade was put on hold due to the most recent state budget crunch.

Although the fight dislodged two or three paintings, gallery curator Clyde Burum said none of the student works of art were damaged. All the paintings, including a popular addition called “Beautiful Smile” by Samantha Wilkes, will remain on display through the end of the semester.