TABC Investigates Pizza Barn

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating the circumstances leading to last week’s Pizza Barn brawl that left several people injured. If the Pizza Barn is found negligent then the state could suspend their alcohol seller’s license.

“TABC rules are very clear. Retailers are responsible for the safety of their patrons and are required to take immediate steps to prevent violence anywhere alcohol is served,” said state TABC spokesman Ted Millwright. “We’re looking into the circumstances of this incident and whether or not Pizza Barn took appropriate measures.”

According to the TABC website, alcohol license holders are required to report any incident on the licensed premises where law enforcement or emergency medical services personnel respond to the premises of a permit or license OR a disturbance is created on the premises by a person who does any of the following: causes bodily injury to another person, threatens another person with a weapon, discharges a firearm, or destroys the licensee’s property.

According to witnesses, several bystanders were injured during the fight and were later treated by EMS medics who arrived on scene. Although the Pizza Barn sometimes hires off-duty law officers as security during football game weekends and other busy times, no officers were present the night of the brawl.