Parking Lot Attack Interrupted by Passersby

Yesterday evening Kayla Brown, 27, her six year old daughter Ariel, and her four year old son Russell were attacked in the Burrito Palace parking lot by an as-yet identified assailant. The attack was reportedly thwarted by a group of concerned citizens before mother or children could be seriously harmed.

“Russ was throwing a fit over going home, so the first time I knew anything was when I got pushed to the ground,” Brown said. “At first I didn’t know what happened. I thought maybe a car bumped me! Then I looked up and saw a monster.”

According to Brown, her attacker stood over her, brandished a long knife at her menacingly, and smiled. The distraught mother claims that when she saw his “fangs” she screamed for help. Perhaps prompted by her panicked screams, the assailant didn’t ask for money or possessions but simply attacked until other restaurant patrons came to the rescue.

The assailant was described by witnesses as a tall, pale, male wearing all black. Witnesses gave conflicting reports as to whether the attacker was subdued or is still at large. When contacted for information, the Pinebox Police Department claimed that the investigation is incomplete and it will issue a statement in the morning.

Sheriff Butch Anderson used the incident to remind citizens to practice “common-sense parking lot safety”, including being aware of nearby strangers and avoiding traveling alone at night whenever feasible.