Zombie Scare on Greek Row

A “zombie rampage” on Greek Row last night left at least one person injured and many more fearing for their safety. Although police are still investigating, witnesses agree that the Kappa party was interrupted with screams for help after someone disguised as a zombie shambled across the lawn and assaulted a bystander.

“I saw the guy coming, but I never thought he’d attack,” said freshman Lola Shipsman. “He was dressed up like a zombie, all pale and with blood on his face. I realized that girl and her boyfriend hadn’t noticed him yet. I just figured he was going to prank them. Then all of a sudden he like lunged at her and she screamed.”

The victim, whose name has not been released by police, was bitten by the “zombie” assailant before her boyfriend drove off the attacker. Other sources claim that the so-called “zombie attacker” later made assaults elsewhere nearby, but those claims have not yet bet confirmed.

The Pinebox Police Dept. have a suspect in custody but say that the investigation is “ongoing”.