Leaning Tower of Toilets Prank

Residents of Halloway Suites woke to strange circumstances Friday morning, discovering a tower of toilets stacked precariously on the front lawn of the women’s dorm.

“Whoever they were, they worked fast, and they were good,” said freshman Susie Franzen. “I woke in the middle of the night and used the restroom, but forgot my phone on the counter by the sink. Between the time I walked out and went back for my phone, they’d snuck in and taken the toilets! Every single one!”

“I believe this stunt was too well done to have been committed by any students, no matter how organized,” said Frank Jones, a local prank expert. “No, I think Halloway Suites was hit by a strike team of trained prank professionals, maybe the Mischief Mob or Pranksters ‘R’ Us. Whoever it was, they got in and out without getting caught.”

“Residents of Halloway Suites can be assured that repairmen are hard at work returning full function to the restroom facilities,” said Gilbert Conrad, an ETU spokesman. “Also, campus security requests that anyone who may have more information regarding those responsible for this prank, please call the tip line.