Manhole Covers Sent Sky-High

According to Sheriff Butch Anderson, the loud boom heard yesterday morning by students all over ETU was caused by an underground explosion in downtown Pinebox. Nearby pedestrians ran for cover at the sound of the explosion, which sent several manhole covers near Pinebox Pawn soaring more than 200 feet into the air. None were harmed as the covers rained down, though some buildings suffered superficial damage and one vehicle was totalled.

“We found trace elements that suggest that the blast was caused by IEDs placed throughout this section of sewer tunnels. We also found the remains of some sort of underground encampment caught in the blast radius,” said Scott Denning, a Golan County forensics expert. “No bodies were found among the debris.”

“The specific target of the explosion remains unknown,” said Anderson “The investigation will continue until the culprits are found and justice is served.”